Whether you want to cross a desert, visit a mountainous location, ford a river, embark on an adventure of your dreams in unknown territory, carry loads of stuff from one place to another or carry your large family around in comfort and safety, there's a practical car out there made for the job. For example, most manufacturers make well equipped, excellent estate cars, some of which look better than the saloon from which they are derived and they are good to drive, too. Some of them are modified and adapted to create the now popular SUV with 4 wheel drive being added to make them versatile and driveable in wintry conditions. And some practical cars, like the amazing Range Rover, can take you wherever and whenever you want to go in outstanding comfort and safety, no matter what the conditions.

Then there are outstanding people carriers like the Ford S Max or the Vauxhall Zafira which, despite their bulk, are good to drive. Slightly smaller but equally practical vehicles like the Skoda Yeti and the Honda CRV - we could go on - add to a huge variety of practicality on offer from the world's car makers.

At some stage in your life you'll undoubtedly face the need to change to something even more practical or stylish than your present car and you'll be faced with the often daunting task of selling it.

Food for thought.

You may be disappointed by the part exchange offer from the dealer who originally sold you the car and, if you change brands, the offer could be even worse because most main dealers only want to sell their own franchised brand.

You may consider selling your car privately. Fine, but unless you're very lucky you'll experience loads of hassle, expense and time wasting. And, unless your car is still under warranty you won't be able to guarantee it against possible comebacks.

You might get in touch with other car buying websites. And why shouldn't you? But unless that site has experience of buying and selling practical cars and the specialist knowledge that goes with it, you stand a very good chance of being made a pretty derogatory offer for your car.

We at willyoubuymycar.com can help you.

We buy and sell a lot of practical cars and, because we are part of a large, well established and reputable, family run automotive business that understands and deals with them on a daily basis, we will usually offer a better and fairer price than most.

You'll be surprised at how much our specialist buyers know about practical cars. They buy cars like yours for our own stock or to be sold onto a network of equally reputable dealers with whom we have a special relationship. Every car we buy and sell is thoroughly checked over and serviced before the new owner takes possession. Unlike most car buying companies, we won't reduce or haggle over the buying price because of minor blemishes or detail. We're always fair about wear and tear and we'll always offer you the best possible price for your practical car. 




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