Peterborough Office

Peterborough is our central car buying office.  If you want to sell your car and live in or near Peterborough use our online valuation system, give us a call or come and see us.  We'll collect your car for free, but if you want to pop in for a chat, please do.  

Peterborough may not be the most car-centric city in the UK, but it’s our hometown and we love it! There’s nothing we like more than taking a weekend trip to indulge our obsession with cars! Summer’s Maxey Classic Car Show fits the bill ( or maybe a jaunt to Stamford for a rally at Burghley House, where we can drool over Aston Martins or a Rolls-Royce (

Did you know Whittlesey used to be by the sea? Take the car out for a spin through the unique Fen countryside and visit March, Chatteris and Wisbech. There’s nowhere else in the country where you can drive along poker-straight roads, admiring such huge expanses of big, blue sky and vast landscape. Just don’t forget about the 90 degree corners and watch out at Ramsey Forty Foot – no one wants to end up in a dyke! 
Tel:  07787 225929




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