Can your online valuation change?

We like to keep our online valuations as consistent as possible. We will, of course, respond to any changes in the market that may affect your car's value but we'll always offer the fairest price.

Are there any transaction fees?

No. There are no hidden charges, and no transaction fee.

Will you charge a fee if I decide not to sell my car to you?

No. None.

What if I don’t enter full details of my car’s condition?

We ask you to answer our online valuation questions as accurately as you can, because the more we know about your car, the better we’ll be able to provide an accurate and fair valuation. Every car we buy is subject to inspection and we pay as fair a price as possible for it – usually as valued online. Inaccurately answered questions may lead to us offering you a different price to the one we made online - especially if when inspect the car we find faults or damage that we weren’t aware of.

Is your online valuation valid if it’s a few months old?

Our online valuations are always as consistent as possible, but any changes in the market may affect your car’s value so our price will change accordingly. We urge you to refresh your valuation to ensure it is current.

Will you offer to buy my car for the amount stated in the online valuation?

Our online valuations are not contractual offers, but we pay the online valuation figure as often as possible. If, on inspection, we find faults or damage that were not apparent from the information supplied online, the price we offer may differ from the online valuation. We will always take into account fair wear and tear and we won't over charge you any routine or inexpensive repairs.

What does subject to inspection mean?

An online valuation is not a contractual offer. Every car we buy is inspected and an offer of purchase is made subject to that. We will inspect and check your car before we make a final offer to buy it from you.



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